Staying Connected with Financial Hardship Assistance

If you're having a hard time paying your bill, there are a couple of options that may help you.

Life doesn't always go to plan and sometimes you need a little flexibility.

At times, a payment extension or installment plan may not be enough to manage your bills due to circumstances such as:
  • Job loss or fluctuation in income

  • Relationship breakdowns or family crises

  • Severe illness, disability, or family bereavement

  • Relationship breakdowns or family crises

  • Other personal challenges

Support that's customised for you
Our financial hardship initiatives offer confidential assistance to help you regain control over your home energy bills, clear outstanding balances, and reduce ongoing expenses. Our Metered Energy team are prepared to:
  • Devise a payment plan suited to your individual needs, financial circumstances, and affordability.

  • Inform you about various payment alternatives, government aid, and potential concessions available to you.

  • Connect you with complimentary and impartial financial counseling or support services.

We're committed to collaborating with you to create a tailored support program that addresses your specific needs. As long as you actively participate with us, we'll ensure that your home's gas or electricity remains connected and that no collection actions are taken on your account.
How to apply
We recognise that each individual's circumstances vary, and our team is devoted to assisting Metered Energy customers with sensitive matters in a compassionate manner. To apply, call us 1300 633 637 to discuss options that are appropriate to your situation.

Other financial support options

Sometimes you may need a little extra help. Whether its paying your energy bills or navigating a challenging situation, we have a number of support options available for you.

If you’re experiencing family and domestic violence, we're here to assist.

Metered Energy is committed to supporting the health, safety and wellbeing of its employees and customers and does not tolerate family and domestic violence. When in this situation, your safety, wellbeing and dignity are often, if not always, under threat or undermined by the use of physical or mental violence.

Are you eligible for the Home Energy Emergency Assistance scheme?

The Home Energy Emergency Assistance (HEEAS) program serves as a protective measure for qualifying low-income families in Queensland, ensuring the continuity of their electricity during challenging periods.

We recommended that our customers speak with one of our experienced customer service officers as Metered Energy offers numerous payment plans and financial guidance. Contact our team on 1300 633 637. Or click here to Request a Payment Extension and we will review your request and respond within 24 hours, during normal business hours, Monday to Friday.

Are you a holder of a Pensioner Concession Card, Repatriation Health Card, or Senior’s Card?

You might be eligible for an concession or rebate to help you mange your energy account. We understand that managing energy costs can be a significant concern, and we are here to help. To support you, we have detailed the available concessions and rebates that could substantially reduce your electricity bills. Eligibility varies, and we encourage you to explore the options available to you.