Support if you're experiencing family and domestic violence

We are dedicated to supporting all employees and customers who need assistance with family and domestic violence issues. If there’s an immediate threat to your safety, call emergency 000.

We're dedicated to supporting our customers who need assistance with family and domestic violence issues.

Metered Energy is committed to supporting the health, safety and wellbeing of its employees and customers and does not tolerate family and domestic violence. When in this situation, your safety, wellbeing and dignity are often, if not always, under threat or undermined by the use of physical or mental violence.

Metered Energy is committed to supporting all employees and customers who are experiencing or are impacted by family and domestic violence. We’ll provide a supportive and confidential environment where you can inform us of your situation and seek the support you need.  

We recognise family and domestic violence can happen to anyone, in any community. It can be used by a perpetrator to significantly undermine a person’s rights, inhibit their options, undermine their safety, mental and physical health, and limit opportunities for learning and participation, access to material basics and economic wellbeing, relationships and connections.

Women and children are more often the victims of family and domestic violence and those who use violence are overwhelmingly male. Family and domestic violence can be perpetrated by a partner, family member, carer, house mate, boyfriend or girlfriend. Women also commit family and domestic violence against men, as do same-sex partners and those who identify in non-gender binary terms.

This policy is for all employees and customers who are experiencing, or have experienced, family and domestic violence. So, we can best support you, we invite you to communicate with us about your situation. This can be by any method you feel comfortable with and you’ll find our contact details here. You may want to nominate someone to contact us on your behalf. This may include:
  • Financial counsellor;

  • Social worker;

  • Family member or friend;

  • Someone who helps you manage your energy bills.

Let us know who your support person or representative is when we speak with you and provide consent for them to act on your behalf.  With your approval, we’ll engage with them as we would with you, consistent with your consent, instructions and in line with our privacy obligations.  
Family and domestic violence manifests in various forms and might be referred to as relationship violence or intimate partner violence. It's important to recognise that this type of violence is not confined to physical acts alone. Other forms of family and domestic violence can include, but are not limited to:
  • Economic abuse is a form of abuse when one partner has control over the other partner’s access to economic resources, diminishing their capacity to support themselves so they become financially dependent on the perpetrator. For example: the perpetrator prevents a person from accessing funds, deciding when or how to access or use cash, being forced to put bills in your name, or putting bills under their name and then not taking financial responsibility for them.

  • Emotional or Psychological abuse,

  • Sexual abuse,

  • Threatening or coercive behaviour, and/or

  • Any other behaviour that controls or dominates you and causes you to fear for your safety or wellbeing, or that of someone else.

We'll handle your needs with privacy and respect.

You can access a range of services to help you take control of your energy usage and Metered Energy account. Everyone’s circumstances are different so please let us know if you’d like some help to set these up:
  • Preferred payment options (direct debt, over the counter payments);

  • Preferred method of communication.

Payment Assistance
If you’re experiencing temporary financial difficulty as a result of family and domestic violence, there’s different payment options available to you.
  • Payment plans extensions and deferrals

  • Direct Debit

  • BPAY

  • PostBillpay

  • Centrepay

For help with longer-term financial difficulty which makes it hard to pay your energy bills, visit our Hardship and Financial Assistance section, you’ll find information on how to access our hardship program.  We’ll consider your individual financial situation and what you can afford to pay before we make any recommendations – that way, the program is tailored to your circumstances. Once we agree to a payment plan, we’ll send you information including:
  • who to contact for help;

  • the amount you’ll pay each time; and

  • when you need to make your payments (or the frequency of payments).

Financial Counselling Services
Metered Energy can help connect you with a free Financial Counselling service. Contact us on 1300 633 637 for more information regarding financial counselling, or see our external support referenced in this policy.

You will always be treated with respect and dignity whenever you interact with us. 

  • Answering any questions, you may have about Metered Energy’s Family & Domestic Violence policy;

  • Keeping your information secure;

  • Assisting customers experiencing payment difficulties due to family & domestic violence;

  • Confirming with you, your preferred method of communication; and

  • Helping you connect with support services that may be better placed to respond to your unique circumstances.

At Metered Energy we regularly review and update our Family and Domestic Violence Support Program.

We take our customer’s privacy and protecting their personal information seriously. We manage this information in line with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs).  You can view a copy our Privacy Policy here.

If you tell us you’re experiencing family and domestic violence, we’ll provide you with personalised assistance to support your safety.  We’re focused on keeping your information secure and will talk with you about suitable options to protect your information. Here are some examples of the things we do to protect your information.

  • System security - access to your personal information is controlled by access and identity management systems.

  • Your information is stored in secured systems, within protected data centres.

  • We have technology that prevents malicious software or viruses and unauthorised persons from accessing our systems. 

  • Passwords are used to prevent unauthorised access to your account.

The following external support services may be able to assist with support aligned to your needs and safety requirements. It’s not exhaustive, and there are other agencies that may provide similar.

How they can help
Contact details
If you or your child/ family is in immediate danger.
Call 000
Community Legal Centres Australia
A directory of community law centres in Australia
DVConnect Womensline
DFV counselling, Men's behaviour change, Victim support, Support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, DFV court support, Support for children, Support for culturally diverse people.
DVConnect Mensline
DFV counselling, Men's behaviour change, Victim support, Support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, DFV court support, Support for children, Support for culturally diverse people.
Family Relationship Advice Line
Information and advice on family relationship issues and parenting arrangements after separation
Call 1800 050 321
Mon–Fri 8 am– 8 pm
Sat 10 am–4pm
Financial Counsellor
Free help in managing bills and debts, or financial independence
Financial Counselling Australia
Access free resources and advice from a private financial counsellor.
Kids Help Line
Free, private and confidential, telephone and onlinecounselling service specifically for young people agedbetween 5 and 25 in Australia.
Crisis support services -anyone across Australia experiencing a personal crisis or thinking about suicide can call Lifeline, or text 0477 13 1114 at night (6pm-midnight AEDT). Someone will help put you in contact with a crisis service in your state orterritory.
Call 13 11 14 or SMS 0477 131 114
Open 24/7
Money Minded
Created to help you build your skills, knowledge and confidence in managing your money.
Services Australia
Centrelink, Medicare, Child Care Social workerscan provide short term counselling, support andinformation, and refer you to other support services
Social Work Services: call 13 28 50
Multilingual: call 13 12 02
or visit Services Australia
Women’s legal services Australia
Legal centres specialising in women’s legal services