Our helpful guide to reading and understanding your energy bill.

Learn how to read your gas and electricity bill.

Your energy bill explained

When it comes to understanding your energy bill with Metered Energy, our bill explainer guide is a helfpul resource.
Summary Page
Discover the specifics of your Metered Energy bill, including your account details, the total amount due, and your payment options.

Your account number shown here is specific to your account, and you should quote it when you contact us with any queries.

This shows the amount you need to pay and the payment date or when your direct debit is due.

We'll regularly check our generally available plans against your past energy use to see if you're on one of our low cost plans. We'll let you know if another Metered Energy plan could save you more.

We offer several ways to pay your bill, including Direct Debit, which takes the hassle out of paying your bills and helps ensure you always pay your bills on time. We've also made it easy for you to pay your bill securely online.

If you're paying by cheque, remember to cut off this lower section of the bill as marked and include it with the cheque when posting.

If you're paying in person at a post office, present your bill so the barcode can be scanned to record your payment.

You'll find your reference number in the centre of the payment slip. When requested, you'll need to quote this for some payment methods.

Detailed Breakdown
Learn whether your bill reflects actual meter readings or estimated data, and review any applicable fees, credits, discounts, or solar benefits associated with your account, plus much more.

We will connect your supply within 3 business days of you submitting an application. Metered Energy will only disconnect your supply in accordance with the rules and regulations that are applicable and we will reconnect your supply within 3 business days of the matter that gave rise to the disconnection being resolved.

Here you’ll find whether an actual or estimated meter read has been taken. Sometimes we might need to estimate your energy usage rather than bill you on actual usage data.

The new charges and credits section is divided into units and prices for this billing period. Time of use shows the time of day that the unit prices apply. We list your new charges for your electricity or gas supply and usage, plus any credits, discounts, concessions, solar export and adjustments we’ve applied to this bill. The final total charges amount shown here includes the applicable GST.

These charts explain how much gas or electricity you have used over the past 12 months (unless you’ve joined recently), including your average cost per day and a comparison against other similar households.

On the last page of your energy statement (not pictured), you’ll find information about payment assistance and interpreters for getting help in your language.