Standard Retail Contract

We offer both residential and commercial plans tailored to various budgets and property sizes. Below are our standard retail contract conditions for energy solutions.

Terms and Conditions

This contract is about the sale of energy to you as a small customer at your premises. It is a standard retail contract that starts without you having to sign a document agreeing to these terms and conditions.

In addition to this contract, the energy laws and other consumer laws also contain rules about the sale of energy and we will comply with these rules in our dealings with you. For example, the National Energy Retail Law and the National Energy Retail Rules (‘the Rules’) set out specific rights and obligations about energy marketing, payment methods and arrangements for customers experiencing payment difficulties.

Utilities under this contract are distributed under and Embedded Network arrangement where it is sold to customers within the complex’s network.

Metered Energy is committed to providing you with a high level of service along with competitive rates. Consumers in embedded networks have the right to purchase their electricity from any authorised retailer if they choose to do so and the retailer is willing to make an offer.

If you sign up to a contract for the supply of electricity with an authorised retailer, other than Metered Energy, you may be required to pay for the installation of a new electricity meter. Metered Energy will still charge you for Network Services and these charge will be exactly the same as if they would have been payable directly by the Small Customer to the distributor. This is called ‘Shadow Pricing’ as defined in the Australian Energy Regulator Network Exemption Guidelines, and it is to ensure that Small Customers in embedded networks pay no more for network charges than other customers do.

Information on the requirement for a new meter and the associated cost along with network charges is available from the distributor or the authorised retailer making the offer. Download our Standard Retauil Contract for detailed information.
Helpful Resources
For further information to help you compare our retail offer to those available to you, please visit Energy Made Easy

For further information about this contract and other matters please phone our customer service staff on 1300 633 638 or email us