Queensland home energy emergency assistance scheme
The Home Energy Emergency Assistance (HEEAS) scheme is a safety net for eligible low-income households
Are you eligibile for the Home Energy Emergency Assistance scheme?
The Home Energy Emergency Assistance (HEEAS) program serves as a protective measure for qualifying low-income families in Queensland, ensuring the continuity of their electricity during challenging periods.
How can the HEEAS help you?
In the event of a temporary financial hardship or emergency, the Queensland Government offers financial aid through the HEEAS program. This support assists you in settling your current electricity bills, and we contribute to the scheme by helping customers who require such assistance.

If your household has faced a financial crisis within the past 12 months, we are here to help. However, if your income and savings are sufficient to cover the bill, especially through an installment plan, we typically cannot provide support. We're here to guide you.
Who is eligible?
You’re eligible for the HEEAS if you:
  • Reside at your primary household
  • are financially responsible for the payment of the bill; and
  • are at risk of being disconnected and are unable to pay your debt
  • hold a current concession card, or you’re on a Metered Energy payment plan. You might also be eligible if your base income is no more than the equivalent to the Commonwealth maximum income rate for part age pensioners.
You will also had to have experienced one or more of the following in the past 12 months:
  • a significant increase in energy use because of unforeseen circumstances;  
  • a significant decrease in income, or higher expenses you haven’t been able to avoid;
  • a natural or family disaster, where it’s impossible to absorb the resulting expenses;
  • the cost of keeping your hourshold is more than 30% of the household income, or the cost of energy usage is more than 10% of the household income.
How do I apply?
Should you require financial assistance and meet the criteria outlined above, simply contact us at 1300 633 637, Monday to Friday, from 7.30am to 5.30pm, and inquire about the Home Energy Emergency Assistance (HEEAS). Our team will walk you through the process. Alternatively you can download the application form here.
We're here to guide you through hardship.
Call us on 1300 633 637 or simply download the application form below.
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