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Government Resources
Important information regarding consent
Energy and Water Ombudsman QLD
Queensland Competition Authority
Queensland Government Service Finder
Australian Energy Regulator
Metering and Billing
What if I am not connected or have been disconnected ?
Can I choose a different supplier?
What is the Electricity supply charge?
What is the Hot Water supply charge?
What is UMA?
Why have I been charged for hot water?
How is minimum hot water calculated?
Is my unit individually metered?
What is chilled water?
Payments, Rebates and Financial Assistance
How do I apply for financial assistance?
How do I request a payment extension?
Do you qualify for a Concession or Rebate?
Is there a credit card payment fee?
Charges for receiving paper bills?
Emergencies and Life Support
Outages and Emergency Assistance
Life Support Equipment
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Outages and Emergencies
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