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Metering and Billing
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What is the Electricity supply charge?
What is the Hot Water supply charge?
What is UMA?
Why have I been charged for hot water?
How is minimum hot water calculated?
Is my unit individually metered?
What is chilled water?
Payments, Rebates and Financial Assistance
How do I apply for financial assistance?
How do I request a payment extension?
Do you qualify for a Concession or Rebate?
Is there a credit card payment fee?
Will I be charged for receiving paper bills?
Emergencies and Life Support
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Our aim is to provide essential services at a reasonable, competitive rate.
MEH will meter your building to suit your individual & body corporate requirements. This allows the user-pays principle to be accurately implemented. MEH will ensure each user is accurately billed on consumption.
Hot Water
MEH will provide & maintain the hot water plant ensuring each consumer is metered individually to provide accurate billing against consumption. Hot water plant is engineered to provide constant hot water suitable to the building’s demands.
Gas is also billed on a user pays system. Large users are metered & charged by the megajoule. Single-point appliances such as cooktops are billed under the UMA structure for ease & cost effectiveness.
Tailored Solutions
Should your building require customised metering or billing for a unique service that is periodically levied on the consumer, this can be an added service which is included on the one regular bill.
Chilled Water
Chilled Water, utilised in the central air conditioning system, is billed on a metered basis in accordance with consumption and energy used.
Online Access
Metered Energy customers have access to our online account management portal, where they can check their usage, pay their bills and manage their account.