What we do
Our aim is to provide essential services at a reasonable, competitive rate.
Metered Energy provides utility services to developers, body corporates, unit owners and tenants.
Utility Solutions for New and Existing Buildings
We keep up with the latest technology from the market’s leading suppliers to ensure that we can specify a solution that provides the best operating efficiency, whilst delivering the best outcomes for our environment at the same time.

We endeavour to provide the best energy solution for your building and we take the time to ensure that the energy solution we propose is the best one for your project’s individual needs.

We appoint a Services Consultant from our staff to personally manage the utility services in your building. We will get to know your building managers as well as the residents themselves.
Body Corporate and Building Managers
Our Services Consultants know your building, your energy equipment and you will get to know them as they visit for regular meter readings, maintenance etc. We pride ourselves on maintaining good working relationships with building managers and bodies corporate.

Metered Energy provides one easy to read and understand invoice for all utility services provided which includes a comparison to last period and the building average.

Our help desk is staffed by friendly people who know your building requirements and are available 7.30am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday. Our team are on hand and eager to help.
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